5º PTT Fórum - Encontro dos Sistemas Autônomos da Internet no Brasil
30 de novembro a 1 dezembro de 2011 - São Paulo - SP


Bastiaan Goslings - AMS-IX

Bastiaan Goslings is the regulatory officer for the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, in short AMS-IX. He is responsible for analyzing policy- and internet governance related developments, and he is the representative for AMS-IX to Dutch government and -regulatory bodies as well as EU institutions. Furthermore he acts as liaison officer to the carriers connected at the GRX exchange point hosted by AMS-IX. These carriers interconnect their customers, mobile network operators, for data roaming purposes. Bastiaan has recently been involved in developing a follow-up to this service, the AMS-IX Inter-IPX service including a carrier grade Service Level Agreement, for which he now is the product manager.

AMS-IX is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world, and interconnects more than 460 autonomous systems in the Amsterdam metropolitan area by offering professional IP exchange services, also called peering services. Peering not only enables these connected networks to offer stable, fast and cost-effective Internet services to their end-users and business customers, it also makes the internet more robust and resilient. The success of the neutral and not for profit interconnection function AMS-IX performs, has led to a level of traffic exchanged that currently peaks at 1.4 Terabit per second.

Katsuyasu Toyama - JPNAP

Katsuyasu Toyama is Director, General Manager of Technology Dept. of INTERNET MULTIFEED CO., which provides JPNAP, the largest Internet exchange in Japan. He also acts as interim Chair of Asia Pacific Internet Exchange association, called APIX.

Francisco Villarreal Sanchez - Extreme Networks

Francisco Villarreal is the Extreme Networks Technical Director for Latin America. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and more than 20 years of experience in networking in different areas like LAN, WAN and MAN. He has worked for several vendors like 3Com, Avaya, Juniper and Extreme Networks.

Sylvia Abaurre

Diretora Técnica da PRODEST - Instituto de Tecnologia da Informação e Comunicação do Estado do Espírito Santo. Profissional de TI com 27 anos de experiência tendo trabalhando nas áreas públicas federal (Dataprev) e estadual, e privada em multinacional e em empresa própria;



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